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Trevor Moen
Trevor Moen

Trevor Moen was born and raised in Kamloops, British Columbia. As a boy Trevor spent a lot of time in the back country with his family. Trevor’s parents taught him about survival, building fires, shelter, surviving off the land and all the different aspects of nature. Trevor would carve wood, sticks and whatever he could get his hands on.

In 1996 Trevor married the love of his life Cora. They moved to Fort St John were Trevor took his sheet metal apprenticeship. Two weeks after their first year anniversary Trevor was in a tragic accident. He was hospitalized for eight months. That accident left Trevor with life altering changes, a paraplegic. Trevor and Cora spent the next couple of years trying to put the pieces together in Richmond British Columbia. Trevor went through extensive career assessments trying to find a suitable career. After it was all said and done business was the strongest skill Trevor possessed.
Trevor and his family moved to Kelowna, British Columbia. He went back to college to pursue a business degree. After completing his first year Trevor started his own boat rental business with one boat. Trevor also took up snowmobiling where he quickly got to the top. He was asked to partake in a DVD where he had the privilege to ride with the best snowmobile riders in the world. Trevor's business succeeded, but he still did not find his true passion. In 2007 Trevor’s brother Darren talked him into buying his first stone. They spent many hours carving together while Darren taught Trevor techniques; that's when Trevor discovered his true passion.
Trevor is a member of the Kelowna Sculptors Network Society, he has been to many shows locally and out East. Trevor's work is inspired by nature and determination to succeed.


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