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Esteban Castillo
Esteban Castillo

The morning brings a slight breeze that feels crisp against my skin. My eye catches the sun as it climbs its way over the mountains and the light cuts sharply against the trees. The water seems to glimmer with glee as though it were waiting so patiently to meet the glory of the sun once again.

These images, I see before me, remind me so much of my heritage, of where my life began.

Kelowna, BC and my birthplace of Santiago de Cuba both hold something dear to me. They hold a piece of who I am and a piece of my heart. My passion for life and nature create within me the will to express myself through many forms of art.

Throughout my exploration of personal expression, I have had many adventures. I have been to many places and met many people. I am a man, a husband, a father, a master craftsman, and an artist. Learning about the world and myself has brought me here, a place I am proud to call home, Kelowna!



A form of expression whether written, sculpted or painted in which an artist bears a little of his or her soul for the spectator to see.


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